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What is jagua anyway?

Posted by Tania Crook on

My enduring passion for body art of all types led me on a wonderful path towards jagua ink a while back.  My biggest concern was environmental & cultural impact.  I wanted to make sure importing jagua was sustainable.  I wanted to get my ink from people like me.  People who wanted to make an honest living.  I'm not out to corner the market or create a big corporation, just want to know where & who it comes from.  It's not about profit, it's about community.


My supplier sent me this paragraph & I think it says everything.  Yes, it's not gramatically perfect in Queen's English. It doesn't need to be.


"The difference between Jagua Ink and other supplier is we live where we work! We know where their fruit comes from and how it is pick. We know what the farmers do on the land next to the trees where the fruit is planted. In foreign countries people do things to make work easier like using Chemicals to clear land. In 2011 Brazil had a huge issue with some of the farmers using agent orange to clear out rain forest to plant palm trees and soy bean fields. 
When you know your local farmers like we do than things like this don't happen. We keep a close eye on our suppliers and they are picking all the fruit by hand and we inspect every fruit for signs of abnormalities than we wash every fruit by hand and than we peel the fruit. All this is done by our long time friends. We know where each batch come from and we have records of who sold them to us and what date it was received. We do have to transport fruit in the back of a hot truck along live animals to a port to ship out. When we process your extract it is frozen minutes after extraction. Than it is shipped by recognized world-wide shipper like Fed-ex, and DHL. 
We have done a lot of lab work and have made sure that our fruit is the top grade and quality for our clients. We do not make self certifications on any of our fruit or product. So before you buy make sure you know your farmer and how your fruit was handled before you apply it.
Also it would be good to know what your supplier does for the people that they buy from. It is not about profit it is about community."

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