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What is Jagua?

Jagua is a fruit indigenous to the rain forest, botanically called Genipa Americana.  It’s a common plant throughout the tropics of South America & has been used as a body art medium for over 2000 years.  When the gel/paint is applied to skin, dries & is removed, it leaves a light grey colour that gradually darkens to a rich indigo/ebony over a period of 6-10 hours.  


How long does the design last?

The design will usually remain on the skin for 8 to 14 days & gradually fades as the skin naturally exfoliates.  

Does anything affect the application of jagua? 

Similar to henna, Jagua tends to be darker on parts of thebody with more layers of skin.  How you care for your jagua tattoo also affects how long it will last:  Scrubbing, exfoliating products, excessive bathing etc will, of course affect how long it lasts.  Makes sense right? Jagua Canada only uses fresh jagua for the best quality.

Can jagua be combined with other products?

Henna & jagua can be combined to a  unique look to temporary tattoos & body art.  

Glitter gilding, a form of temporary body art that uses skin safe adhesive & cosmetic grade glitter to create long lasting, water resistant designs also looks amazing with both henna & jagua.

Body paints, both washable & alcohol based work great in conjunction with a jagua tattoo.

Is Jagua the same as black henna?

Absolutely NOT!  We never use black henna & in fact, so called black henna usually contains dangerous chemicals that can cause illness, blistering & permanent scarring. Not cool.  Jagua is a fruit based, skin safe dye that leaves a blue-black stain on the skin that gradually disappears.  Definitely cool.

Where can I get jagua?

Jagua can be ordered here through Jagua Canada in sizes ranging from a personal use kit to orders of any size.  Specialty bottles can also be ordered from Jagua Canada.

Can I get any design done in jagua?

Pretty much anything you can dream up.  I can create a transfer from your own artwork, do shading or line work in varying thickness.  The sky is the limit though very fine lines, as with even permanent tattoos aren't always as crisp or long lasting.  Send me your ideas & we can work on them together.